Website Maintenance

Let us maintain your website. . .freeing your time to run your business.

Website Maintenance and Support Services

A static website doesn't get as much traffic as one that is updated often with new, fresh content and changes because the search engines will stop crawling and indexing stale websites. We can recommend changes to update your website.

Because we are a full-service company, our team can help keep your website up-to-date and relevant. We will provide you with ongoing, timely, and reliable maintenance of your website. Our experience has proven that many business owners and their staff don't have the time or know-how to update and maintain their websites. We can relieve you of that responsibility and headache. Our maintenance service rates are priced hourly, monthly, and quarterly, and are customizable to your needs, whether on an ongoing, or as-needed, basis. We give you assistance on an as needed basis. . .you decide what, how much, and when you need our services. We will assume as much responsibility maintaining your website as you want.

In addition to making changes or adding content currently on your website, we can also add new web pages, remove existing pages, and edit old, out-of-date content.

Let us help you by:

  1. Developing new pages for your website and recommending changes to existing pages.
  2. Adding new content and removing old, out-of-date content.
  3. Repairing broken or misdirected links and resolving other site issues.
  4. Adding, updating, or deleting content on your website.
  5. Adding resizing, cropping, or deleting images on your website.
  6. Adding, updating, and deleting videos.
  7. Adding social media links.
  8. For WordPress websites: providing ongoing site maintenance, including monitoring your site on a continual basis.
  9. Maintaining and keeping existing databases, plugins, and themes up to date. Adding plugins as needed.