Ask Us How Pinterest can be used to grow your business

image for Pinterest logoAnyone with a business needs to have a Pinterest business account. Each Pin is an idea — a gift, recipe, or even a quote. They always point back to the sites they came from (like yours!). If you add the Save button to your site, people can use it to add your content to Pinterest.

Build a Pinterest Following

Building a Pinterest following is a time-consuming task, which we can help you with. It is important that you follow the right people on Pinterest who will follow you back. So, what we are looking for is backlinks, traffic, and sales. A really nice Pin will be important to get people to click on it to take them to your website where, hopefully, they will contact you, purchase your services, or your products.

It is important to keep your boards dedicated to the industry within which your business operates. It has been said that products on Pinterest are 10 percent more likely to purchase that product compared to customers who are referred to a product by Facebook. Additionally, 25 percent of Fortune 100 companies maintain Pinterest accounts, which goes to show you the platform is truly one of the best places to promote your business.

More about Pinterest

The Pinterest Developers Platform is a suite of tools that help you reach Pinners in new ways. Right now, there are three ways to use the platform to increase your reach:

  1. Through the API. Pinterest is using something called a RESTful API that lets you access users' Pinterest data, like their board, Pins, followers, etc. This allows both read and write permissions when interacting with a user's content.
  2. Add-Ons. Add a Pinterest button or widget to your website or app to increase engagement. They currently have five add-ons, the Pin It button, follow button, Pin widget, board widget, and profile widget. And, Pinterest has a widget builder for your use.
  3. Rich Pins. These are Pins that include more information right on the Pin itself - separate of the Pin's description. These Pins never get lost in a re-pin. Right now, they have several types of Rich Pins: app, article, movie, place, product, and recipe Pins.

If all this seems way beyond what you want to tackle, but you want to take advantage of Pinterest, that's where we come in.