LinkedIn for Businesses

How Can Belonging to LinkedIn help your business?

image of LinkedIn Logo LinkedIn is a social networking site (both free and professional) designed specifically for the business community.

LinkedIn Ads called Campaign Manager is a self-service advertising product that allows advertisers to reach a targeted professional audience through text ads and sponsored updates. However, since you must have a budget of $25,000 a month, this may be more than the average small business can afford. So, most people, and businesses, tend to stay with the free site option.

Your profile page is your online resume. You can post pictures, host a blog, and embed videos. LinkedIn has a whole section devoted to jobs and hiring. Right now, it is free to search for jobs on LinkedIn, but it costs to post a job listing.

With Linked In, you can:

  1. Find new opportunities for positions.
  2. Find key contacts at companies you do business with.
  3. Manage what potential employers know about you from the Internet.
  4. Find potential employees.
  5. Market yourself.
  6. Build and maintain professional relationships.
  7. Connect with professionals in your field.
  8. Join professional groups and receive updates from their posts.

If this all seems too much to comprehend, contact us. We will evaluate your situation and help you determine if LinkedIn is right for your business.